Technology Dan McCulloch, Head of Xbox Live, leaves Microsoft

Dan McCulloch, Head of Xbox Live, leaves Microsoft


The success of a company and its business program depends on all its parts, that is, on its employees. Microsoft tries with all its might that both Xbox and Xbox Live meet the expectations of its users, and this would not be possible without its wonderful staff. But everything in life is cycles, and sometimes these important pieces decide that it is time to undertake other challenges.

Months ago we counted you as Microsoft heavyweights as Mike Ybarra and Rod Fergusson made the decision to leave the Redmond company. Today we have known that another very important piece of the Microsoft organization chart took the same path: it is And McCulloch.

Dan McCulloch leaves Xbox Live after 15 years at Microsoft

The person in charge of announcing it was McCulloch himself, and he did it through a message on his personal Twitter account.

McCulloch has been at the helm of Xbox Live for 3 years, but has been part of the Microsoft team for no more and no less than 15 years. During all this time he has collaborated on different projects, among which are the integration of Kinect for Forza Motorsport 4 on Xbox 360.

At the moment we do not know what his new destination will be, but McCulloch has commented that it will not take too long to discover it. And you, do you think McCulloch’s departure will affect the service?


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