Health Cpme remove tartar from the teeth without the dentist

Cpme remove tartar from the teeth without the dentist


Tartar is a problem related to the health of our teeth that afflicts many people. Discover all the natural remedies to eliminate it without having to go to the dentist.

Remove tartar without dentist
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The tartar, a problem that afflicts the mouth of many people, even the youngest ones that often, because of one incorrect or insufficient oral hygiene, they see it accumulate over the years in the inner part of the dental arch.

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In fact, a mirror will be enough to check how much deposit of tartar has accumulated on your teeth, but don’t worry, you can make life difficult for him excellent natural remedies and opt for one professional cleaning by the dentist if it will be difficult to eliminate. If you have i yellow stained teeth, discover the causes and all natural remedies.

How to eliminate tartar with natural remedies

How to eliminate tartar with natural remedies
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The tartar can only be eliminated with natural remedies? The answer is no, but just in case it is of recent training, you can try to soften it and detach it with natural remedies within everyone’s reach. But let’s find out first how to perform proper oral hygiene and how to brush your teeth perfectly.

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The tools needed for clean your teeth well I am one toothbrush, better if electric, eiThe dental floss, in all existing variants. The toothpaste, even if considered important, it will never be as effective as mechanical tools to eliminate any trace of dirt on the dental surface and any food residue from the interdental spaces.

One time brush your teeth from top to bottom for about two minutes, also insisting on the inside of the dental arch, they will clean the interdental spaces with wire or with some pipe cleaners. One final rinse with mouthwash, it will eliminate any food residue and will also refresh your breath.

The perfect cleaning of interdental spaces in fact, it represents the first tool to safeguard the health and beauty of our teeth, since it is precisely between one tooth and another that the plaque acts by forming inflammations and caries. But let’s find out instead what is tartar.

The Tartar is nothing more than a mineral deposit which occurs in the internal part of the oral cavity, especially behind the upper and lower incisor teeth where the persistence of saliva causes a greater deposit of calcium and other substances.

Tartar deposits they can be completely eliminated by the dentist, which through specific tools, will literally detach them from the dental surface, nevertheless, there are some natural remedies that can prevent and treat teeth affected by plaque and tartar.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a natural ingredient found at the base of the formulation of natural toothpastes and natural whiteners. Applying it with a brush on the teeth, insisting especially on the parts affected by tartar, will help to soften it and make the dentist’s work less invasive.


Another natural purifying and whitening remedy is charcoal which, brushed on the teeth, at least twice a month, will make them whiter and more and will work as an exfoliant on tartar deposits.

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Baking soda

Even the baking soda, with added hydrogen peroxide, it can become an excellent purifying and whitening treatment for teeth, also affected by tartar.

Natural DIY toothpaste for perfect teeth
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We remember that the dental surface, especially the dentin that covers it, it is extremely delicate and rely on the care of a dentist, it will always be the best choice not to irritate the gums and give rise to sometimes very painful sensitization phenomena. However, there are gods natural and vegetable remedies to always have very white teeth, find out which ones.


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