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London: Corona virus infected person Because fighting the virus is a very big fight, but if the person is already suffering from other diseases, the battle of Corona proves to be extremely difficult. According to a study in the COVID – 2020 hospital, one of the patients who also have diabetes can die within seven days of admission. And every fifth patient may need to be guided and needs a ventilator.

Researcher from the University of Nantes, France

Between March 2020 70 recruitment in French hospitals 1, 317 COVID – 19 Analyzed patient data.

He said the majority of these patients, i.e. almost 90 percent of people, had type 2 diabetes while only 3 percent had type 3 diabetes, and in other cases there was another type of diabetes.

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According to this study published in the journal Diabetologia, two of the COVID – 18 patients with diabetes thirteen patients were male and the average age of all was 70 years. The researchers found that poor blood sugar control did not directly affect a patient’s outcome, but diabetes complications and aging increased the risk of death.

He indicated that an increased body mass index BMI (the weight of a person by length) is associated with both the need for mechanical weighting of the patient and the risk of death.

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The study found that 47 eye, kidney, and venous complications were observed in a percentage of people, while 41 heart, brain, and foot problems were present in percent of the patients. The researchers said that every fifth patient had to be treated and ventilated in the intensive care unit on the seventh day. At that time, (1 was killed and

The percentage was okay and went home.

The 6-foot rule for social distance is also insufficient. 20 virus can reach feet

According to the researchers, microvascular complications doubled the risk of death on the seventh day. He said that increasing age also greatly increased the risk of death. 75 in patients over 55 The probability of death is 14 times higher.

Scientists said that breathing problems tripled the risk of death within a week.

Scientists in the study wrote that older people with chronic diabetes or diabetes complications or breathing problems are at risk of premature death in these patients and the coronavirus. They may require special management to avoid infection.

The study also confirmed previous research that insulin and other COVID-19 blood sugar alteration treatments are not at risk for severe forms and can be continued in diabetic patients.

According to the study, none of the patients under 55 who had type 1 diabetes died.

However, the researchers said that there were only 39 patients with type 1 diabetes in the present study, and they need further research to investigate the effects of COVID 18 in humans.


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