Entertainment Coronavirus: discover how the "Fort Boyard" treasure room was...

Coronavirus: discover how the “Fort Boyard” treasure room was fitted out


The famous well where the precious coins fall has undergone some transformations in order to avoid any contact between the personalities.

Coronavirus epidemic obliges, the production of “Fort Boyard” had no other choice but to show white leg to be able to access the building and thus turn season 31. June 13, after weeks of delay and lively worries, the first participants of this new edition were able to set foot on the building while staying at a good distance and covering their faces with a mask.

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If Adventure Line Productions has abandoned certain events such as mud, it has also chosen to fit out others such as the laundromat, which this year welcomes only one personality at a time. As well as the teams have been reduced five candidates instead of six. They will not cross the passageways of the fort but will remain in front of the treasure room with Olivier Minne and it is Passe-Partout who will take them in front of their cell.

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Among the many adjustments, the final test has also been redesigned to avoid any contact between the candidates. For this final part of the game, they will be masked again and if the code word was found, they will be prohibited from wearing a teammate to collect in the hollow of the belly the boyars fallen from the fountain. It has also undergone some transformations. In fact, five separators and a pyramid were placed inside the well itself. Thus, the pieces will fall in front of each personality and this will prevent them from touching the same boyars. You had to think about it!

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