World Colombia denied supporting a military option in Venezuela

Colombia denied supporting a military option in Venezuela


The Iván Duque government “continues to support Guaidó, he has not weakened,” Colombian Foreign Minister Claudia Blum said in an interview with El Tiempo.


Colombian Foreign Minister Claudia Blum denied that the Iván Duque government endorsed a military option in Venezuela, as ex-National Security Adviser to Donald Trump, Jhon Bolton, affirms in his book.

Next, we offer part of an extensive interview that the head of Colombian diplomacy offered to the newspaper El Tiempo, in Bogotá, and in which she refers to important aspects of the tight relationship between the palace of Nariño and Miraflores.

Venezuela and Colombia have severed diplomatic relations since February 2019, when the rough attempt to enter humanitarian aid from the Colombian border took place.

– In the book The Room Where It Happened, by John Bolton, the former National Security Adviser to President Trump, it is stated that he wanted military action in Venezuela and that he had the support of Colombia. What do you think?

-Colombia has maintained a clear line of action against the illegitimate regime: leading, with other countries, the return to democracy and the validity of freedoms in Venezuela, based on diplomacy and international law.

-And the military option?

– We defend the Inter-American Democratic Charter, and we will continue working within that framework, so that the usurpation of power in Venezuela ceases, a pluralist transitional government is formed, free and transparent presidential elections are called, and the reconstruction that the people long for Venezuelan.

– It is evident that the figure of President Guaidó has weakened. Does Colombia continue to support it?

The defense of democracy will never be weakened and Colombia continues to support Juan Guaidó, the National Assembly and the Venezuelan people in their firm intention of recovering liberties and the rule of law in the neighboring country.

– There is a feeling that Colombia is being left alone in that position …

– With the Lima Group, with more than 50 states in the world, we recognize Juan Guaidó as interim president and as president of the National Assembly, which is the only democratically elected institution that remains in Venezuela.

-But even Trump opened the possibility of meeting with Maduro …

– We continue to support President Juan Guaidó in his defense of democracy, which they courageously maintain despite Maduro’s continued harassment and intimidation. Repression that was reflected once again in the recent illegitimate election of members of the Electoral Council, which seeks to close spaces to the free and transparent elections that country longs for.

– Continuing on the subject of Venezuela, what will Colombia do when Alex Saab is captured?

– The Foreign Ministry, as a diplomatic channel, will act as required by our justice.

– There is another enormous difficulty with Venezuela and it is Maduro’s refusal to return his citizens, which has caused a difficult situation on the border. What is your opinion?

– It is yet another evidence of the serious abuses and violations of that regime against the human rights of Venezuelans.

– How is the border at the moment?

– Colombia temporarily suspended the entry of Venezuelans due to the health emergency. However, we maintain the policy of care and assistance to migrants, and the State, with the support of international cooperators, has been implementing all kinds of measures for access to health, education, shelters and economic support for the most vulnerable. It is a complex challenge, but we are facing it with the sense of brotherhood that our President defined.


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