Entertainment Claudia Norberg wants to hire a lawyer because of...

Claudia Norberg wants to hire a lawyer because of Laura Müller


Claudia Norberg (49) and her successor Laura Norberg-Müller (19) are at war. Since Laura and Michael Wendler (48) got married, she has also been called Norberg. So she took the last name of the Wendler-Ex, which does not fit at all. Since the marriage, she has been shooting against the “Playboy” star again and again. But now only hostility is apparently no longer enough. As Claudia’s mother reveals, she should think about legal steps.

“My daughter found out legally that if you could hire a lawyer, you could protect the name – that we could just keep the name,” Waltraud Norberg told RTL. Claudia’s mother is pissed because the name of her ex-son-in-law is passed on. After all, she is the “origin Norberg”. “I don’t think it’s okay for any children I don’t even know to have our name,” she complains.


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