News César Sánchez repudiates Madrid

César Sánchez repudiates Madrid


John Adams became President of the United States after being Vice President with George Washington. I suppose that Sánchez will go through a chill of knowing the anecdote, which I doubt. Can you imagine Iglesias settling in La Moncloa as a new squatter? What a ruin! The Chavista hyena would devour our dreams and the future would cease to exist. Adams, the most balanced apostle of democracy, predicted it: “Despotism, unlimited sovereignty or absolute power is the same with a majority of the popular assembly, with an oligarchic clique or with a silly emperor … Equally arbitrary, cruel, bloody and, since all point of view, diabolical ”. Two trileros, Sánchez and Iglesias, who give them to patriotic heroes, will admit that Adams cut a tailored suit for dictators like them.

Nero burned Rome and Chávez ruined Venezuela. Sánchez imitates monsters and tries to overcome their terrible deeds. He encourages dirty campaigns against Ayuso, in order to reduce Madrid’s economy to ashes, he wants to turn Spain into another third world country. This is Sánchez, whimsical, inept César, without whom we would be better off if we had not been born. We depend on a guy with the same damaged neurons that Nero and Chavez exhibited when they led irreparable dramas to their towns. This César, from the Tetuán neighborhood, despises the saying: “From Madrid to heaven”. Since he governs with the councils of the communist bug, he only thinks about destroying the Community. Hence the forum gave us to change slogan. Now we say “from Madrid to hell”, because we know that the mannequin and its hyena will take us to the stake.

According to its social communist government, in every decision it makes, violating the laws is among the rights of nations. To stay in power, it seems, anything goes, from impudence to atrocity. When a ship sinks, the first to abandon it are the rats. The PSOE of Sánchez goes down and in the survival instinct of Podemos, like rats that are, they forget who their captain was. Fortunately, César still has three loyal and solvent women on his team, the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, and Nadia Calviño, 3rd Vice-President and Minister of Economic Affairs. The batch of ministers podemitas, neither crushed, is worth as I think, nor would satisfy a herd of pigs. The sooner César Sánchez gets rid of treacherous rats, the better he will do.

Stunned president, respect Madrid. Because those who do not respect the capital of a great country have their days numbered.


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