News Carlos Romero Deschamps tested positive for Covid-19, says oil...

Carlos Romero Deschamps tested positive for Covid-19, says oil union


He Union of Oil Workers of the Mexican Republic (STPRM), through the general secretary of section 47, Víctor Hernández Colunga, and the secretary of the Interior and Agreements, Victor Kidnie de la Cruz, reported that the former union leader of the oil tankers, Carlos Romero Deschamps, tested positive coronavirus Covid-19 and is in serious condition.

“The current pandemic caused by the Covid-19 It does not see a border and social status, so our leader has not been oblivious to the risk to which all citizens are exposed. For this reason, we send our best wishes to his family due to the seriousness of his health, ”they expressed.

Despite the fact that the leader left the Oil Union since October 2019, Hernández Colunga and Kidnie de la Cruz, from section 47, ask the oil workers for financial support in the circular they sent to the entire working base.

“We propose that all workers contribute one day’s salary to the expenses that are generated in the event that, unfortunately, the irreparable loss of a great leader occurs,” indicates the circular dated June 28.

They also thank the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, for their “constant support in the regularization of assets on behalf of those who make up the Local Executive committees of the 36 sections” that make up the union.


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