Home News Campiglia Marittima, kills a cat and cooks it on the street: reported

Campiglia Marittima, kills a cat and cooks it on the street: reported


Killed a cat and tried to cook it on the street, on the sidewalk, a few steps from Campiglia Marittima station, in the province of Livorno. Many citizens were incredulous to report the episode on Tuesday morning. The young author of the gesture, a twenty year old of African origin, was stopped by the Carabinieri and then released (as required by article 544-bis of the Criminal Code – «Anyone who causes cruelty or unnecessarily causes the death of an animal is punished with imprisonment from 4 months to 2 years» – no arrest is expected in the act).

The video images

The scene was immortalized by some passersby. The video shows a woman trying to stop the boy in the face of violence: «I’ll send you to jail now. What are you doing? The cat is as if it were our son, we are not where you go. ” Who, referring to the young man, adds: «You go to work if you’re hungry, as everyone does. I see you have the money to buy cigarettes, not the money to buy bread. Shame, poor creature ».

Violence against animals

«A chilling episode in its brutality, but unfortunately completely true. I congratulate the Carabinieri who arrested the torturer, now we are asking for an exemplary sentence because in our civilization the affectionate animals do not touch each other and they deserve the utmost humanity and respect for all the unconditional love they offer without asking for anything in return, “wrote the League’s MEP Susanna Ceccardi, posting the video on Facebook.

The story of the citizens

And exactly Ceccardi – candidate of the center-right in the regional elections in Tuscany (and former mayor of Cascina, ed) – tells al Corriere della Sera: “I have been contacted this morning, immediately after the incident, on Messenger by some citizens who described the episode to me, in shock. And from one of them I received the video: they are strong, raw images. Some told me that as they got off the train they saw the smoke and heard it a very strong, acrid smell. Someone even tried to stop the boy, but there was nothing more for the cat to do now. ” And he clarifies: «We are not in the Wuhan animal market but in Tuscany. To the people who have witnessed this scene this morning and who are still shaken by what happened, I want to express my solidarity, for the courage they have had, trying to put an end to this brutality. Now you need an exemplary penalty. ”



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