CAISO introduced together over 800 stakeholders from over the region in Sacramento a week ago to speak about regionalization. While loudspeakers agreed the engineering rationale and price benefits are obvious, the political process produces a formidable obstacle to experienceing this dream. 

The concept was elevated in 2003 as Grid West, as a result of a powerful push from FERC for normal market design, championed at that time-chair Pat Wood. However the scars in the crisis were too fresh, along with a push in the feds was seen as an top-lower power grab, and worked out poorly within the independent West.

“It’s correct that different states have different needs and perspectives, however the efficiency of the wider grid is unique,” he stated. “I we do hope you could work everything out.”

Mark Schiavoni, with Arizona Public Service, pointed towards the residual results of the 2000-2001 power crisis. “Regulators and political figures fear that California controls my condition, so we won’t allow that happen,” he stated. “There are lots of individuals with lengthy recollections.” 

“This time the CAISO has developed everything,” stated Larsen. “That’s why the EIM was effective — it had been plug and play for brand new participants.”

Governor Jerry Brown would be a surprise guest in the symposium, telling everyone else that California is dedicated to climate action, but acknowledging the down sides of regional action.

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