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Briefly about demos in favorites: “Turkey tries to sow strife” – KURIER


Ludwig (SPÖ) is “in the final analysis” for the deportation of those rioters who caused unrest last week at Kurdish rallies in favorites, as he said in an interview published in the daily newspaper “Austria” on Tuesday. The events were attacked by Turkish ultra-nationalists.

The demo riots in Vienna’s favorites remain a political issue. As of Tuesday, Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ), Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (both ÖVP) have commented on the incidents again.

When asked about a possible deportation, he became specific: “I was the first politician to campaign for citizenship to be withdrawn from an IS fighter – even if the court later lifted that, unfortunately. So, in the end, yes. ”

In the interview, he emphasized that riots should be “strongly rejected”. “A radical minority must not endanger peaceful coexistence. That has no place in Vienna. “When asked whether the rioters should be deported, he replied:” The police should act consistently. Was it a testosterone-driven youth, or is there a politically motivated, violent background? ”

Vienna’s Vice Mayor Birgit Hebein (Greens) was spotted in the crowd at one of the Kurdish demos last week. When asked about this, Ludwig said: “I would personally refrain from participating in such a demo.” But he also emphasized: “It is their fundamental right. Every politician has to decide for himself. ”

Ludwig zu Hebein participation: “Would personally refrain”

In the previous week, Kurdish rallies in Vienna favorites were attacked by Turkish ultra-nationalists. There were violent clashes between Kurdish and left-wing demonstrators on the one hand and Turkish ultra-nationalists – including supporters of the far-right “gray wolves” – on the other. Several police officers were injured.

The Turkish ambassador had to appear in the Vienna Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday. The ambassador had been called in to make it clear “that there must be an end to Turkey trying to influence the people here in Austria and instrumentalizing them for their conflicts,” Kurz told journalists on Tuesday. Kurz says that Turkey is talking about the fact that there has been police violence against Austro-Turks, and he can only “point this out sharply”.

In short: “Imported conflicts”

The fact that the mood between Austria and Turkey is still tense after the riots during demonstrations in Vienna’s favorites is also reflected in the statements by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP).

Kurz was outraged by what had taken place here in the middle of Vienna. “People who live in favorites are robbed of their homeland,” the Chancellor used drastic words. “These conflicts are imported from Turkey,” criticized Kurz. “If you have a need for street arguments, you should do it in Turkey, but there is no place in Austria.”

Kurz does not count on de-escalating words from Turkey: “I don’t expect a lot of support from Turkey,” he said when asked a journalist. “Because I know exactly what Turkey is trying to do here: namely to use Turks in Europe to sow strife and to create moods here and there primarily for Turkey’s own interests.” In his view, this was an “abuse of People with Turkish roots who live in Europe ”.

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) now sees Ankara in the diplomatic tensions between Austria and Turkey because of the riots during demonstrations in Vienna’s favorites: “It is also a bit up to Turkey to take the path of de-escalation,” said Nehammer on Tuesday after the Council of Ministers.

Diplomatic tensions

Kurz asked the interior minister to pursue a “zero tolerance policy”. There were eleven arrests, including a suspected ringleader. Now it is necessary to check “which contacts and strands there are with Turkey and with various Turkish clubs in Austria – and these connections that need to be cut”.

The federal government and the police would not allow rioters and ringleaders to jeopardize the right to hold meetings or to influence the fact that people in their home country no longer felt safe, Nehammer said. Regardless of which ethnic group or political association it is, everything that happens in Austria must comply with the constitution, the minister said against any violence.

“This form of conflict has no place on Austrian soil,” Nehammer warned once again. They would consistently persecute every criminal. “Those who believe that mouth-nose protection prevents them from being identified are wrong.” The video is excellent and is being evaluated. One of the suspected ringleaders has already been identified, and the background is now being examined. Among the detainees are two Turkish citizens who are said to have thrown fist-sized cobblestones, among other things – they are also investigating here.

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