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Borussia Dortmund – FC Bayern Munich: VAR drama for BVB in the summit


FC Bayern Munich wins the top Bundesliga game at Borussia Dortmund and thus reaches for the German championship. The ticker for reading.

  • Borussia Dortmund – FC Bayern Munich 0: 1 (0: 1)
  • The record champion wins the top game in the Bundesliga *.
  • Joshua Kimmich scored a brilliant dream goal – BVB keeper Roman Bürki does not look good.

Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich 0: 1 (0: 1)

Borussia Dortmund: Bürki – Piszczek (80th Götze), Hummels, Akanji – Hakimi, Dahoud (85th Witsel), Delaney (46th Can), Guerreiro – T. Hazard, Haaland, Brandt (46th Sancho)

Bank: Hitz – Sancho, Götze, Balerdi, Morey, Can, Witsel, Schmelzer, Reyna

FC Bayern Munich: Neuer – Pavard, Boateng (85th Hernández), Alaba, Davies – Kimmich, Goretzka, Müller – Coman (73rd Perisic), Lewandowski, Gnabry (87th Martinez)

Bank: Ulreich – Odriozola, Martinez, Cuisance, Perisic, Hernández, Batista-Meier, Mai, Zirkzee

Gates: 0: 1 Kimmich (43.)

referee: Tobias Stieler (Hamburg)

(Update live ticker with F5 (laptop / PC) or pull down at the edge of the screen (smartphone / tablet))

Update from May 27, 10.20 a.m .: How did the international press react to “The classic” between Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern Munich? The British didn’t give a good hair to Lucien Favre’s decisions at half-time, like reported.

While Bayern are getting closer to the championship, the competition is also hoping for points on Wednesday. There are all games from the Bundesliga and 2nd division in the live ticker *.

Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich: favre before Aus? Who was the best player?

Update from May 26, 10:45 p.m .: The Munich march in the Bundesliga – who was the best Bayern player in Dortmund for you? Vote!*

Update from May 26, 10.30 p.m .:
BVB coach Lucien Favre has to say goodbye to Dortmund after losing to the Bundesliga summit
* indicated. SkyExpert Lothar Matthäus promptly brought in an ex-Bayern coach as a possible successor.

Update from May 26, 10:25 p.m .:
Joshua Kimmich declared his dream goal after beating BVB – and on Dortmund’s keeper Roman Bürki
* referred.

Update from May 26th, 10.15pm: We took a close look at the performance of the Bayern stars in Dortmund – and evaluated them. The notes*.

Update from May 26, 8:55 p.m .: Bayern dream star Joshua Kimmich’s dream goal against BVB
* causes a sensation worldwide and reminds of a hit by Lionel Messi. He even surpasses Donald Trump.

FC Bayern defeats Borussia Dortmund and marches towards the championship

FC Bayern is facing the eighth championship in a row. Munich’s Borussia Dortmund will only initially get them into trouble at the Bundesliga summit.

The BVB pressing then flattens out and Bayern take the initiative. Strategist Joshua Kimmich scored a dream goal shortly before the break with the help of Dortmund’s keeper Roman Bürki.

After the break there is too little of the master challenger, especially Erling Haaland does not come into play, Jadon Sancho is not a factor. Bayern are lucky, however, when Jerome Boateng clearly directs a shot in the penalty area with his arm out.

FCB must also get a penalty shortly before the end of a foul on Robert Lewandowski. Overall, it was too little for Borussia Dortmund – too little for the championship. The Bavarians are marching towards the shell.

90th minute + 4: the game is over! FC Bayern wins in Dortmund and takes a huge step towards the eighth championship in a row.

90th minute + 1: Uhhhhhhhh … Akanji runs Lewandowski over the pile, to put it bluntly. But Stieler doesn’t give a penalty. FCB coach Flick cannot understand this at all – and is warned by the referee.

90 minutes: BVB boss Watzke looks grim on the stands. Was that it with the master dreams of Borussia Dortmund? Three minutes of injury time.

87 minutes: Change at Bayern: Flick takes time from the clock. Gnabry goes down, Martinez should protect.

85 minutes: Change at BVB: Seasoned Witsel comes for the closing minutes for Dahoud.

85 minutes: Change at Bayern: Boateng may take a shower after good performance, now Hernández is involved in the defense.

83 minutes: Lewandowski dangerous! The Pole circles the ball on the post – and then Gnabry is offside. Still no decision in Dortmund.

BVB – Bayern in live ticker: Favre lets world champion Götze ran

80th minute: Dahoud !!! He keeps on going without a hitch. Newer is already down, but then has his fists up. The top game remains open.

80th minute: change at BVB: Favre leaves world champion makers Idol ran. For him, Piszczek leaves the square.

77.Minute: huge opportunity for BVB! But the flag is up! With the sharp pass from Can from the right, Hazard, who misses the ball by centimeters, stands half a meter offside.

75th Minute: Guerreiro hits the free kick from the half field on Neuer.

74 minutes: Yellow card against Davies (Bayern).The 19-year-old Canadian puts the 17-year-old American Reyna.

73 minutes: Change at Bayern: Perisic is allowed to run for Coman, and thus a real worker for an artist.

71 minutes: Change at BVB: The 17-year-old Reyna replaces the 19-year-old Haaland in the attack. The Norwegian has to go down after tough duels against Boateng.

Lots to do: David Alaba (Wed.) and FC Bayern in Dortmund.


69 minutes: Dortmund does more again. A shot from Can is blocked. But: Alaba organizes the FCB defense very well. Sancho is still not a factor.

67 minutes: Yellow card against Dahoud (BVB). Clear foul by the youngster on Kimmich.

66 minutes: Yellow card against Müller (Bayern). The world champion puts Akanji – there are no two opinions.

BVB – FC Bayern in the live ticker: Boateng directs the ball with his arm out

63 minutes: The substitute Sancho is not yet a factor at Dortmund. Can get more involved in one-on-one battles than letting the game line. Bavaria currently manages more, always in focus: Leader Kimmich.

61.Minute: Bayern pull up their pressing game and keep the opponent away from their own goal. Best Hansi Flick football. In this phase, BVB clearly lacks the audience to push.

59 minutes: Was that a handball ??? From Boateng in the penalty area ?? The world champion directs a shot into the goal when lying down. But he can’t go there either. Referee Stieler does not give a 911.

57 minutes: Can with a completely failed pass on Haaland. The Norwegian doesn’t go into the sprint at all. It doesn’t look good at BVB now.

56th Minute: The FCB dominates now, wins an incredible number of duels in midfield. Gnabry in particular works and runs a lot.

54 minutes: Good deed by Bürki against Goretzka. That was a ball, a bump, a difficult ball. The Swiss goalkeeper, who didn’t look very well when conceding, looks safer.

52 minutes: Bürki has to clarify against Coman. The Bavarians do not slacken, look awake. Can Borussia answer?

BVB – FC Bayern in the live ticker: Dortmund brings Sancho and Can

50th minute: BVB is high, the Dortmund take the initiative – they have to.

49 minutes: Dahoud with the conclusion for Dortmund. But the shot comes too central – and Neuer has the ball safely.

46 minutes: Double change at BVB: Brandt and the agile Delaney stay in the cabin, Tempo Dribbler Sancho and Aggressive Leader Can are new.

46th Minute: It continues in the Dortmund Signal Iduna Park!

Half-time conclusion: BVB starts very focused and well at the Bundesliga summit. The Dortmund players play a high pressing against Bayern and get Erling Haaland’s first chance in the first minute.

But the final consequence is missing in front of the gate. Gradually, patient Munich people are getting better into the game. First Piszczek clears on the line, but then Kimmich is there with the dream goal.

45th minute + 1: break in Dortmund! FC Bayern take the lead just before the break.

43.Minute: Borussia Dortmund – FC Bayern Munich 0: 1, scorer: Kimmich. Incredible goal from the FCB leader! WHAT A GOAL!! Bürki is too far in front of his box.

Strategist Kimmich sees this, briefly taps the ball and chips the ball across the Swiss into the mesh. Made outstanding! OUTSTANDING! This is absolute world class from Swabia!

BVB – FC Bayern in the live ticker: In Dortmund it goes back and forth

41st minute: It gets rough. Gnabry and Delaney work on each other, then Delaney and Hazard. Goretzka was on the ground seconds later, but it wasn’t a foul.

39.Minute: Davies, terrific! The Canadian prances out one, two or three Bavarians, but then Hummels arrives and blocks the youngster at the baseline. That was a bit too much experience with the opponent.

35.Minute: BVB plays like Powerplay for the penalty area in Bavaria, but Brandt’s last ball is sloppy.

33.Minute: Uhhhhhh … Alaba is too late against Haaland. The three of them have to slow down the Norwegian who puts his body in. Watch out for this edge!

31 minutes: Hazard on Haaland in front of the five-meter room – but Boateng is on hand again. Good game from the world champion.

28 minutes: Dahoud and Delaney wash the kilometers at BVB and close gap by gap. In this way, the seasoned and the youngster can prevent Munich’s possession game. But this effort takes strength. The FCB remains stoic.

BVB – FC Bayern in the live ticker: Piszczek saves for Dortmund on the line

26th minute; Dortmund presses up again, at the forefront of Haaland. Piszczek cleanly grabs Lewandowski from the back. It goes back and forth.

24.Minute: Chance for Bayern: Coman suddenly has space on the right in the box, keeps it tight. But Bürki has his fists up and parries. The people of Munich are now also getting their chances.

22nd minute: Well fought! Davies is too brisk, loses the ball on the left side, but works the ball back up. How it works! It is an intense Bundesliga summit!

19.Minute: Bayern dangerous! Piszczek has to save for the beaten Bürki on the line.

17.Minute: Bayern come into play better and gradually take more initiative.

15 minutes: “Not, not not”, “on, on, on”, “left, left, left” – striking how the voices and announcements of the players can be heard in the ghost game atmosphere.

13 minutes: Yellow card against Hummels (BVB): The Dortmund defense boss plucks Coman clear on the jersey. The world champion is cautioned for this.

11.Minute: Outstanding chip ball from Kimmich miller in the box, just a tick too high. Keeper Bürki has to follow up.

BVB – FC Bayern in the live ticker: Dortmund presses against the Munich

10 minutes: The ball is in the Bayern goal – but the flag is up! Hazard on Haaland flanking the second post was in the offside. Dortmund gets stuck in the front. So far, little has come from Munich.

7th minute: Haaland catches up Davies out a corner. Dortmund is good at playing that Bavaria have mainly been defending so far.

6 minutes: Another long ball in front of the Bayern goal. But the flank ball comes too far, ends up in goal-out.

4th minute: next BVB graduation! Brandt checks Neuer from the half field. However, the shot comes in the middle – no problem for newcomers.

3rd minute: Researchers start the Dortmund. BVB is vigorously pushing ahead with high pressing, obviously does not want to let Munich in the first place.

1st minute: huge opportunity for BVB after half a minute! Newer against Hazard is far out of his box.

Haaland snaps the ball, tunnels the world champion, but FCB colleague Boateng clarifies in front of the line.

1st minute: It starts in Signal Iduna Park with the Bundesliga summit!

BVB – FC Bayern in the live ticker: Oliver Kahn – “Pressure is near Dortmund”

Update, 6:22 p.m .: First against second, Mats Hummels against Robert Lewandowski, Erling Haaland against Jerome Boateng, Achraf Hakimi against Alphonso Davies – we are about to start Borussia Dortmund against FC Bayern Munich! Buckle up, please!

Update, 6.15 p.m .: And also FCB board member Oliver Kahn is in the Sky-Field interview.

“Of course your heart bleeds in such a game that there are no spectators. It is very extraordinary. But that’s the way it is. The team that accepts this better will have advantages, ”explains the former world-class goalkeeper.

Barge further: “For me it’s not that different. I’ve always hidden the viewers. But these are the highlights for the players. You go into a game like this with a few percent more in terms of internal tension. Of course, FC Bayern always want to win. One point would certainly not be wrong. The big pressure lies with BVB. “

BVB – Bayern in live ticker: Lucien Favre calls for “intelligent passports”

Update, 6.10 p.m .: The injured BVB captain Marco Reus is in the virtual interview with Sky switched on.

“Of course I would rather be on the pitch. I don’t think there is a special duel. There must be good coordination in the team parts. Bavaria is always able to score goals at the beginning and end of a game. There will be times when we have to suffer. But we always played bravely in home games, ”says the international.

Update, 6 p.m .: BVB coach Lucien Favre expresses itself at Sky.

“Of course, the opportunities are always there. We have a very, very good game against Bavaria do. We have to play very intelligently and defend very, very well. This includes a lot of things, the whole movement, intelligent passes, no ball loss, ”says the Swiss.

Why Emre Can and Jadon Sancho are not in the starting eleven, he is asked. Favre: “It was very tight, of course. But of course the players will come today. “

BVB – FC Bayern in the live ticker: “Want to make the rooms tight”

Update, 5:50 p.m .: Hansi Flick is by Sky-Microphone.

“Both are at the top. I think they both play very good football. The viewers at home in front of the TV can look forward to it, ”says the Bayern coach: “We want to take a big step, that’s possible for us.”

With a face mask in Signal Iduna Park: Joshua Kimmich (left) and Leon Goretzka.

© dpa / Federico Gambarini

Flick talks about announcements to his team: “There is always something like that in the course of a season. Even in the phase when Corona break came: it was a very, very long time without duels. When the team training started, they got to the point very quickly. Now the highlight – these are the things we footballers love to measure ourselves against the best. ”

Flick explains his match plan: “We want to make the rooms tight, press the opponent with great passion. These are the things we want to see. “

Update, 5:38 p.m .: The FC Bayern lineup: Hansi Flick makes a crucial change. Munich coach Serge Gnabry is putting Ivan Perisic on the offensive.

Otherwise Jerome Boateng defends in the middle, not 80 million man Lucas Hernández.

BVB – FC Bayern in the live ticker: Jadon Sancho near Dortmund only on the bench

Update, 5:33 p.m .: The BVB list is there: Lucien Favre takes the motto “never change a winning team” and brings the same team that after the Corona break won against FC Schalke (4-0) and VfL Wolfsburg (2-0).

Called: Thomas Delaney secures in defensive midfield, Raphael Guerreiro and Achraf Hakimi form the outside, slightly offset to Erling Haaland storm Thorgan Hazard and Julian Brandt.

Seasoned Axel Witsel and super attacker Jadon Sancho sit on the bench.

Update, 5.20 p.m .: Let’s throw on the table calculator: The FC Bayern has the first Bundesliga currently 61 points, the BVB follows in second place with 57 points.

If the wins FCB in Westphalia, the Munich team rushed to seven points on matchday 28. That should mean a preliminary decision about the German championship. With a win of Borussia Dortmund, the gap is reduced to one point – and everything is open again in the Bundesliga.

BVB – FC Bayern in live ticker: Raphael Guerreiro near Dortmund in top form

Update, 5 p.m .: At Borussia Dortmund is actual Raphael Guerreiro in absolute top shape.

The Portuguese has already scored eight goals this season, six of them in the second half of the season, three since the Corona restart.

“I feel very good right now and of course I’m very happy with my eight goals. And the season is not over yet, there are still seven games to play, ”said the 26-year-old left wing player in an interview before the Bundesliga– Crackers against FC Bayern.

He himself attested to a pronounced “game intelligence. If a colleague has problems, I try to get into a better position to find a solution, “said Guerreiro:” And I can see where my colleagues are. Then I try to play as easily as possible. “

Borussia Dortmund – FC Bayern in the live ticker: Haaland against Lewandowski

Update, 4.30 p.m .: The giant duel of Bundesliga is, of course, the competition for the super snaps. Specifically: On the one hand, the 19-year-old Norwegian is storming Erling Haaland – he stands for ten goals in ten Bundesliga games BVB.

On the other hand is Robert Lewandowski the personalized goal danger for the FC Bayern. The 31-year-old Pole has 27 goals in 25 games of the season. Who networks in Signal Iduna Park?

Update, 4.15 p.m .: All about that Bundesliga top game the transfer rumors are also picking up speed. The transfer focus includes: BVB star Jadon Sancho *.

Now Manchester United is planning a mega offer for the England international.

BVB – FC Bayern in the live ticker: ghost game backdrop in Dortmund

Update, 3:50 p.m .: Ghost game set in Dortmund: The Signal Iduna Park is due to the Corona regulations in today’s Bundesliga summit remain empty, of course.

This hardly reduces the tension, even if it’s a shame. However, many observers agree: tonight, a preliminary decision will be made about the German championship, so far FC Bayern wins.

Empty against FC Bayern: BVB’s Signal Iduna Park.

© dpa / Bernd Thissen

Or the one BVB can catch up in the table and really drive again into the duel for the bowl.

Update from May 26, 2:59 p.m .: One who played for both teams is Robert Lewandowski. The striker is still active in FCB’s dress – but that almost went wrong. Because, as Florentino Perez of Real Madrid reveals, the royal could have used a clause to guide the Poles to Madrid.

Update from May 26th, 1.30 p.m.: During the FC Bayern against Borussia Dortmund today a new transfer rumor spills from Brazil to Germany via Spain. Bayern should face a transfer of a 16-year-old Brazilian international.

Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich: Hitzfeld sees opportunities for FCB

Update from May 26, 11:48 a.m .: For Ottmar Hitzfeld the chance for a three in Dortmund for FC Bayern has never been as big as it is today before empty ranks. “If there are 80,000 people in the stadium, the home team naturally has more support, there is more atmosphere and pressure for the opponent,” emphasized the multiple master coach in an interview with Focus Online: “It is certainly an advantage for Bavariato play in Dortmund and not at home in front of empty seats in the Allianz Arena. “

However, he also praises BVB coaches Lucien Favre: “He gave BVB a great face, and it comes when playing the ghost soccer strength of a team more to wear – because the other side ceases to exist, the emotions, the mood in general. Therefore, the playful strength team rather prevail. “

Hitzfeld was also positive Hansi Flick: “He can shape an era, but he has to start with the titles first.” He is particularly impressed by its charisma and prudence.

Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich: Referee Tobias Stieler whistles

Update from May 26, 10.15 a.m .: Now the referee has been chosen for today’s top game. Tobias Stieler will be on the whistle. For the lawyer from Hamburg it will be the 14. Use in this Bundesliga season. He has already led two games of FC Bayern: the 1: 2 against 1899 Hoffenheim and the 4: 0 at Hertha BSC. In addition, Stieler also whistled the 3: 3 of BVB against RB Leipzig.

Matthias Jöllenbeck (Freiburg) and Christian Gittelmann (Gauersheim) assist the FIFA referees as assistants on the lines. The fourth official is Harm Osmers (Hanover), and Sascha Stegemann (Niederkassel) is the video assistant.

Update from May 26, 9.40 a.m .: While FC Bayern is heading for a goal record, a BVB star is missing due to a “mysterious” injury, as reported by *.

Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich: Matthäus types Bundesliga cracker

Update from May 26, 8:40 a.m .: An assessment by a sports psychologist can also be found on *. He sees Bayern as an advantage.

Update from May 26, 7.35 a.m .: The top game will mainly depend on the two top scorers. Robert Lewandowski and Erling Haaland are compared at *.

Update from May 26, 6:42 p.m .: Today it’s Matchday for FCB and BVB. The German Clasico is on the Bundesliga plan. Lothar Matthäus has already decided how the game will end: he assumes a tie and thus a preliminary decision in the championship fight.

“I stick to my 2-2 tip and think that this result will be enough for Bayern to win the championship,” predicted the Sky expert on the website of the pay TV broadcaster.

The 1990 world champion expects a “football treat at the highest level” because both teams are in “impressive form”. According to Matthäus, BVB, who are currently four points behind the record champions, definitely still have a chance to win the cup: “But they have to win for that. It’s all about – and everyone knows that.”

Update from May 25, 8:56 p.m .: In less than twelve hours, the time will come FC Bayern in Dortmund on the BVB. The big question is: How does Hansi set up Flick? Except for one personnel, everything seems clear with the record champions.

Update from May 25, 5:05 p.m .:
Borussia Dortmund will appear in the top Bundesliga game against Bayern with a changed shirt. Instead of Evonik, Medox * is on the dress – it is a subsidiary of the energy giant from Essen.

Update from May 25, 2:05 p.m .:
Hansi Flick at the FC Bayern press conference
* an update to the staff of the German record champion.

Jerome Boateng is “operational,” said the Baden coach to the ailing world champion. Thiago against it fail, “but there are no other failures,” said the Munich coach.

BVB – FC Bayern in the live ticker: Hansi Flick has a hard time in Munich

Update from May 25, 1:20 p.m .: Hansi Flick takes hold of FC Bayern in the master duel of Bundesliga obviously also like to go through harder.

Specifically: like that picture reported, should Flick canceled the training of the record champion last Wednesday after half the unit and sent the team upset in the cabin.

Accordingly Flick made an urgent appeal to his players’ attitudes at the meeting the following day.

Even after the 5-2 (2-0) against Eintracht Frankfurt, the 55-year-old from Baden was critical. “After 3-0 we checked off internally. Frankfurt sets very good standards, we knew that. We didn’t look good there, we have to talk about it, ”said Bayern coach Flick * on Saturday in the Allianz Arena * Sky.

The head coach of the double winner obviously sharpens the senses of his staff before the game at Borussia Dortmund *.

BVB – FC Bayern in the live ticker: all clear at Mats Hummels

Update from May 25, 10.50 a.m .: All-clear for BVB defense boss Mats Hummels.

The world champion is “99 percent available,” said coach Lucien Favre. Axel Witsel is also back in team training on Sunday after muscular problems Borussia Dortmund got in.

The Belgian international “could be in the squad,” said Favre to his midfield strategist. Bayern coach Hansi Flick is expected to attend the press conference at 1.30pm * there is a live ticker for the PK.

BVB – Bayern in live ticker: Favre sees vulnerability in Munich

Update from May 25, 10.30 a.m .: Borussia Dortmund has his virtual press conference on the Bundesliga hit against the comparatively early on Monday morning FC Bayern completed. This probably shows that the West Germans have no time to waste.

“Teams have qualities and weaknesses. It can also happen to Bayern that they get two goals after corners. This can happen to any team in the world, ”said BVB coach Lucien Favre to the standard goals against Bayern 5-2 (2-0) against Eintracht Frankfurt.

“Bavaria is already at a very high level. But every team has its strengths and weaknesses, “continued the Swiss – including the challenge:”Bavaria is Bavaria, we don’t have to talk about it. But we won here last year, also in the Supercup. And we want to continue in this direction. ”

Sports director Michael Zorc demanded, “that we believe in ourselves, that we show our self-confidence, that we do not allow ourselves to make simple mistakes. We also have to endure phases in which they dominate, “said the former Bundesliga professional and explained:” We have to defend a lot with the entire team. But we can always score goals against them and we can hit them. ”

BVB – FC Bayern in the live ticker: Dortmund worries about Mats Hummels

Update from May 25, 9:15 a.m .: Of all places. Borussia Dortmund is afraid of the top Bundesliga game against him FC Bayern Munich defense chief Mats Hummels.

The world champion, who had switched from the Isar to Westphalia for a whopping 30.5 million euros before the season, had been struck by 2-0 at VfL Wolfsburg and therefore stayed in the cabin for a break in Lower Saxony.

Defense chief of BVB: Mats Hummels.

© dpa / Alexandre Simoes

Bumblebee have “complaints on the Achilles tendon for a long time,” said Michael Zorc. “We hope,” says the sports director, “that he can play on Tuesday.” If the 31-year-old central defender failed, that would be a huge setback for him BVB.

The tension increases before the big duel – at calf* you can also follow the game in the live ticker.

BVB – FC Bayern live: This is the referee for the top Bundesliga game

Update from May 25, 8:05 a.m .: As the picture now reports, the top game of the Bundesliga between the FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund headed by referee Tobias Stieler on Tuesday. He is therefore whistling the duel for the fourth time.

The German Football Association will only announce the schedule on the day of the match, as all referees will be tested for the corona virus one day before the games.

Update from May 24th, 8:26 pm: Bayern’s duel with BVB will be broadcast live on TV and live stream. We’ll show you where.

Update from May 24, 5.25 p.m .: Against Frankfurt was missing Thiago due to injury. Is the Spaniard enough for the cracker on Tuesday? Questionable. On Sunday the midfielder could only train individually.

There is also a small question mark behind the use of Serge Gnabry. The German international had already stopped training before the Frankfurt game, but had been deployed against Eintracht for less than half an hour. Gnabry is said to have stopped training on Sunday after only 30 minutes.

Borussia Dortmund – FC Bayern Munich in the live ticker: preliminary decision for championship?

First report from May 24th: Dortmund – What would it have been like for a football festival between Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern Munich *: at the end of May, nice weather, spectators flock to the stadium * and the anticipation for the game of the year in the Signal Iduna Park would have reached incredible proportions. But now everything is different. No yellow wall to whip her team forward, no red guest fans, no mega-choreographies – just an empty stadium where top-class sport is still practiced.

Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich: Top duel before empty ranks – who has the advantage?

Borussia Dortmund against FC Bayern Munich – there could be a preliminary decision in the championship fight *. FCB, currently four points ahead of BVB, could extend their lead to seven points with a win. And in the following five games, Munich would have to mess three times – that sounds almost impossible from a Dortmund perspective. That’s why Lucien Favre’s team shouldn’t lose to Hansi Flicks * Ensemble.

Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich: The first leg is not a good omen for BVB

And if you think back to the first leg * (4: 0 for FC Bayern), you dread it – at least if you want to see an exciting title fight until match day 34 *. In the Allianz Arena *, the record champion * dismantled the guests from Dortmund – at that time with a full grandstand. It will be interesting to see whether the empty ranks are a disadvantage for BVB. The black and yellow won twice in ghost games, the FCB * also took two wins.

Everything is made for a game at 6.30pm during the week on Tuesday, May 26th.


*, and are part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

Erling Haaland is in great demand at top European clubs. Real Madrid in particular should take care of the Norwegian. All news about the transfer rumors.


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