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Bielsa’s frustration after Leeds stumbled at home with the last in the table and the “positive” of an incredible draw


Marcelo Bielsa spoke after the 1-1 draw of his team, Leeds, with Luton, the last team in the English Championship.


, the first of the

Championship inglesa,

could not beat on his court

Luton Town


the last

. The team led by

Marcelo Bielsa

He re-created much more than he specified. He monopolized the ball. It unfolded by the bands. It had offensive display and triangulations. I arrive

15 times clearly to the rival goal

but turned

just a goal

. “We lost two very difficult points to lose: you have to miss 15 goals to lose this match,” said coach Rosario.

after equality 1-1


The Bielsa press conference

“We should

to have won easily

. But it is within the situations that soccer has and it can happen. We are very sorry because

we lost five points that were not difficult to earn

“he added

Bielsa, also referring to the defeat against Cardiff, in the resumption of the tournament two dates ago.

The frustration was in the desert environment of Elland Road,

the Leeds house in which cardboard figures simulate being fans of flesh and blood. So much so that the Spaniard Pablo Hernández, the master of ceremonies for the Bielsa team, complained when he heard the referee’s final whistle. Luton’s coach Nathan Jones replied. “We are risking our lives,” were his words. But in a slightly more effusive Spanish than he heard even Víctor Orta, the club’s manager. The match ended with that encounter, with the pulsations through the clouds. And the angry spirit because

The Whites of Bielsa missed two points.

Marcelo Bielsa gives instructions to his players during the English Championship game against Luton.
Marcelo Bielsa gives instructions to his players during the English Championship game against Luton. Credit: @LUFC

“If out of nine points at stake we get just four, that’s a negative thing. And I’m only describing what we deserved and what we achieved,” added Bielsa. Leeds’ lack of marksmanship has been a constant since the category was restarted two weeks ago after the stoppage forced by the coronavirus.

He played in Cardiff and lost a game that he should have won. He suffered against Fulham and ended up scoring.

He knocked on the doorstep of Luton’s goal and barely scored a goal. Result: The top of the leaderboard was compressed. And now Brentford, the first of the teams outside the direct promotion zone, is just six points away. 18 left at stake.

Six games that will serve to temper the character of the Bielsa team.

Anyway, the Rosario tried to see the full part of the glass. And he spoke of the generation of play: “If we play against a team that defends with all its players in its area, we have 12-15 opportunities, and we allow them to kick us only twice, then that is a positive thing for us,” assumed the Argentine coach.

As is often the case every time the team doesn’t convert despite creating danger, the name of a replacement for 9, Patrick Bamford, is a must-see question. The other natural center-forward on campus is Jean Kevin Augustin, but he didn’t even go to the substitute bank and his loan is due today. “He trains normally and any decision we make regarding his future will be communicated,” said Bielsa. The Fool will have to prepare the equipment for

a difficult visit to Ewood Park, the Blackburn Rovers stadium, another team looking to re-green

and go back to the Premier League. That story will be written on Saturday.




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