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Belen Rodriguez and De Martino, Stefano “zuzzusiello”. Gossip gone crazy about “flirting” – Libero Quotidiano


Francesco Fredella

Made in sud. Stage. Joking. And a double meaning escapes, which inflames the gossip. At the center, of course, there is Stefano De Martino. Across the stage Peppe Iodice. And it is immediately gag. The comedian “pinches” the former dancer of Friends after the stormy break with Belen Rodriguez. The reasons are still mysterious, but there are those who speak of alleged betrayal. “I don’t want to gossip, but I have to ask you a question … but you really like them vecchiarelle“Says Peppe. “Do the zuzzusiello? Who is this presenter? Come on … “, continues during the show. Stefano’s answer suddenly arrives: “I am fake news, you don’t have to read the web. ” In fact, on the Net, fake news about De Martino ran for hours. All clues without proof. All assumptions, which only fueled the gossip. Without leading to a conclusion. The reasons for the breakup – for the second time – with Belen remain a mystery.

De Martino in the cyclone: ​​gossip overwhelms Made in the South. It has nothing to do with it ”.  The former dancer talks about Stefano



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