Scorcho could eventually become something apart from a bog — drier land with leafy trees like birches and aspens changing the black spruces, with virtually no moss and, consequently, less carbon storage.

RED EARTH CREEK, Alberta — Kristyn Housman grabbed the finish of the sampling auger, a steel tube that two co-workers had just drilled right into a moss-covered hummock inside a peat moss bog, and poked via a moist, ” floating ” fibrous plug of partially decomposed peat moss.

Other disturbances, like draining bogs to develop trees in order to produce gas and oil, may also create a fire more serious. Dr. Waddington yet others do research regarding how to restore bogs which have been drained, to prevent carbon loss through fires.

Inside a large wildfire in May 2011 that burned around the city of Slave Lake, about 80 miles south of here, some peat moss ongoing to lose with the winter, until spring rains and melting snow finally extinguished it.

“All that peat moss, combusted and gone,” stated Sophie Wilkinson, a McMaster doctorate student.

You will find an believed 1.six million square miles of peatlands, or about 3 % from the earth’s land surface, mostly in northern latitudes in Canada, Alaska, Europe and Russia.

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