World Armed couple justifies themselves for assault rifle action

Armed couple justifies themselves for assault rifle action


The couple, who aimed a gun and assault rifle at “Black Lives Matter” demonstrators, are said to be on the side of the activists. The couple’s lawyer claims. But he comes under criticism himself.

The man with the assault rifle, the woman with a pistol: This is how Mark and Patricia McCloskey aimed at passing demonstrators of the “Black Lives Matter” movement that is fighting against racism in the US city of St. Louis (Missouri) on Sunday. Had a video of the scene caused outrage. You see it above or here. Now let the two say through their lawyer: Everything is just a misunderstanding, they are actually on the side of the protesters.

“You support the message from ‘Black Lives Matter'”

“The most important thing for the two of them is that this image (with weapons) is not taken up by people who are against the ‘Black Lives Matter’ message,” said her lawyer Albert Watkins.

The statement goes on to say that the McCloskeys’ anger did not target the peaceful demonstrators. “On the contrary, they supported their message.” They only wanted to defend themselves against the few demonstrators who had shown “threatening aggressiveness”. “Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey behaved lawfully on their property, which is located on a private road in the city of St. Louis. Their behavior was based on fear, which was not racial,” the law firm wrote on behalf of the couple. In fact, the troublemakers were white. “The Black Lives Matter movement will stay, it’s the right message, and it’s time,” Watkins wrote.

The staff of the lawyer himself is the subject of criticism: Twitter users refer to the website of the law firm Kodner Watkins. Albert Watkins’ work experience says that he once successfully defended a white elementary school principal against allegations of sexual misconduct against ten African-American third graders. The headmaster was cleared of all charges.

In another case, Watkins defended a police officer against the allegation that he had entered into a sexual relationship with a female guardian and had taken cocaine with her. Watkins obtained a custody for the young woman. In a statement under oath, which was recorded on video, the woman finally made a confession at Watkins’ pressure: the allegations were false. The video later circulated on the Internet. The young woman then committed suicide. Watkins presents the case as a success on his website.



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