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Apple’s VR glasses would be fully modular


The branches of Apple Glass could be changed easily.

A new patent filed by the Cupertino company in April 2019 has just been validated by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The document refers to augmented reality or virtual glasses that Apple has been working on for a long time.

According to the patent, Apple Glass is entirely modular. It would be possible to change the branches of the glasses, and this very easily thanks to the “Smart Connector pins” that are already found on the iPad Pro and which make it very easy to connect a keyboard to the tablet.

In addition to being able to personalize the accessory, changing branches would allow “ provide functionality that integrates with operations performed by the framework module ” In other words, the branches of the glasses would have an impact on the functionalities of the product and changing them would make it possible to obtain more or simply different functionalities. ” Branch modules can be easily swapped together to provide different components and functions at different times Says the document filed by Apple.

« Therefore, [le cadre de l’appareil] does not need to include permanent components that provide all the functions that will be desired later by the user. Instead, the device can have extended and customizable capabilities through the use of one or more branch modules ”, Can we read in the document. The base of the glasses can therefore be basic. Users will have the choice to add functionality by purchasing special branches.

In recent times, numerous patents filed by Apple concerning AR or VR glasses have appeared on the web. It has also been questioned that Apple Glass automatically adapt at the sight of its carriers. With in addition interchangeable temples allowing access to various functionalities – we don’t know what functionalities the glasses could offer – the Apple Glass looks particularly technological.

It remains to be seen whether they will come out of Apple’s laboratories and be presented to the world. The Californian firm regularly files patents without integrating its ideas and technologies into its products. In any case, Apple’s AR glasses are an ambitious project for Apple which should not not land before 2022.



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