Vatche Soghomonian

This season, Vatche has committed themself to assist provide the latest innovation, the Mobile Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (MVDL), to Armenia. “This is easily the most valuable and noble mission that i’m undertaking,” stated Vatche. In 2004, Vatche, together with his cycling buddies, assisted deliver four milk collecting-refrigeration tanks for ATG project in Armenia. He’ll ride his bike on April 2, 2016.
“I would be a lab specialist within my college years. Since I check this out portable lab, I’m able to only picture how advantageous it will likely be towards the veterinarians and particularly towards the dairy maqui berry farmers.” It’ll let the veterinarians to complete on-site testing and proper diagnosis of food creating creatures to make sure that they’re free from illnesses. In the end, most effective and quickest, the kids and individuals in Armenia, may benefit from this.

Vatche Soghomonian

“My goal would be to raise enough funds to provide one portable lab this season,Inches stated Vatche.

Soghomonian and his team of cyclists

Vatche Soghomonian, the 82 years old athlete and lifelong person in Homenetmen Scouts, is going to be riding his bike again for an additional worthy induce to aid the folks of Armenia.

This innovation may be the latest projects from the ATG. Dr. James Reynolds, President of ATG, devoted 3 years of his time for you to testing and putting together the lab and shipped the very first prototype to Armenia in 2015. ATG’s objective would be to supply 10 MVDLs, one for every region of Armenia and Karabakh. Each one of the models costs $15,000, including training and follow-up support to build up baseline diagnostic information and clinical data. The MVDL might be quickly deployed and triggered in almost any rural location. Our mission is just aid in increasing farm production and earnings.

As Vatche loves to say having a smile on his face, “I is going to be doing all of the effort, and i’ll truly thank you for financial support with this worthy cause.”

Soghomonian and the group of cyclists

It had been 17 years back, in 1999, when Vatche rode his bike from capital to capital – Stepanakert to Yerevan to assist fund the grape nursery the Armenian Technology Group, Corporation. (ATG) was creating in Karabakh. Since that time, each year he spends two days within the summer time to go to Armenia together with his own sources to paddle through the countryside to boost funds for numerous worthy endeavors.

Greater than twenty five years ago, ATG began having a simple thought that we can produce a improvement in the lives of the siblings and siblings in Armenia and Artsakh regardless of what the difficulties are. We’ve the collective power to do this.

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