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Alberto Fernández: “You have to be a little scared of smart quarantine”


President Alberto Fernández warned on Tuesday that “you have to be a little scared of the smart quarantine” against the coronavirusBecause, he remarked, “the virus does not distinguish between good and bad, between Peronists and radicals.”

The Head of State made these statements during a videoconference that he had with the Governor of Chaco, Jorge Capitanich, After canceling his trip to that province on the recommendation of his medical teams.

“Experience tells me that you have to be a little afraid of the intelligent quarantine, because the intelligent quarantine is to leave some part of society as in freedom of action, as if the risk did not touch them,” said Fernández.

In this regard, he recalled that “for a long time” he was “very attacked” for that position. “They told me ‘why don’t you look at the smart quarantine in Chile, or the smart quarantine in Sweden’. And it turns out that the smart quarantine did not seem so smart, because what you need is to drastically stop circulation in situations like this,” he recalled. .

“It is not that in the center of the Chaco they are less intelligent, because the virus does not differentiate between intelligent and less intelligent, it attacks everyone equally. And when people circulate, the circulation of the virus grows, “he clarified.

And then he reiterated: “We have a very serious circulation problem and if people circulate, the virus circulates, and the virus does not distinguish between good and bad, between Peronists and radicals, between intelligent and non-intelligent, it attacks everyone equally” .

Regarding the cancellation of his trip to that province, the president acknowledged that it was because Chaco is one of the areas most affected by the coronavirus.

“For reasons that I do not understand very well, there are those who think that if I travel to Chaco I can catch it and if I stay in the place of greatest contagion I am not at risk. But hey, so as not to generate more conflicts, ”he said.

The President did not travel on the recommendation of his doctor Walter Federico Saavedra, but a team did that was led by the Secretary of Access to Health, Carla Vizzotti.

On the other hand, Fernández confirmed the continuity of the Family Emergency Income (IFE) in that province.

“We will continue to stand by and support those who need it because I know of the pain and discomfort that this whole pandemic generates,” Fernández said, as reported by the presidency in a statement.

Days ago, when announcing the return to phase 1 in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), the Head of State specified that the IFE would focus on the most affected areas, because in much of the country many of the restrictions.

He also specified that in Chaco the national plan Detect will begin to be carried out, which he praised for considering that “it was a huge success in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area because it allowed detecting and acting on outbreaks, preventing the spread of the virus from being higher”.

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Accompanied by the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, and the Secretary of Equity in Health, Martín Sabignoso, the President remarked that “saving the life of the people of Chaco is a priority like saving the life of any Argentine”, and stressed the importance of “coordinate the effort of the Nation and the Province to limit the problem.”

“It is very important that we can work together because Chaco is part of Argentina and it worries me as much as the City, Greater Buenos Aires, and we have to attend to all cases because they all demand attention,” he emphasized.

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Capitanich explained that they managed to improve “the administration of the quarantine” and currently have “a follow-up that guarantees a reasonable movement of people in the province.”

He also explained that in Chaco regulatory processes are followed that include the suspension of public transport service, limited fuel sale, the closure of bars and restaurants, and other measures of maximum restriction, except in some areas of the interior of the province.

Chaco is the most punished district behind the province of Buenos Aires and Ciuda d, with 1,961 positive cases.



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