Entertainment After attacking the arrivals, Kuwaiti actress Haya Al-Shuaibi is...

After attacking the arrivals, Kuwaiti actress Haya Al-Shuaibi is subject to sharp criticism (video)


The Kuwaiti actress was exposed Haya elshoabee Criticism of bloggers by social media, after the circulation of a video clip that attacked the arrivals in her country, expressing dissatisfaction with their presence in light of the current health conditions related to the Corona virus.

Al-Shuaibi said in the widely circulated video: “She would have liked to see a scene of seeing off the doctors who had been in China in her country as well, but the misfortune is not the citizens, but the affliction of the expatriates, the foreigners, the violators and their officials, the residency dealers.”

Al-Shuaibi added, “It is not against foreigners and expatriates, but their countries are the first in them under these circumstances, causing them to occupy beds in hospitals and deprive the Kuwaitis and Gulfis of them.”

I wondered why this war against Kuwait was caused by some, without any thanks to Kuwait and its government? Adding an exciting phrase to the arrivals, “as if our monastery is not for us, and their countries take off”, to cause a wave of anger similar to the previous wave that the artist Hayat Al-Fahd was exposed to, and then the activist Reem Al-Shammari, who is still the activists ’talk for days.

One of the activists criticized Al-Shuaibi’s speech after describing him as racist, saying, “Okay, there are residents of Kuwait who are engineers, teachers, and doctors, all of whom are expatriates. After that, we are all Arabs who distorted racism, and they ate and drank from their destinies, their fatigue and their work, but you would be charitable to you and no one else would speak.”

And I recalled other previous statements by famous Kuwaitis who attacked the arrivals, hanging “the most famous term for Kuwaitis in the year 2020 _ they took them in righteousness, we have leased (life of a cheetah) _ you are hired servants to us and you are destroying your house (Reem Al-Shammari) _ our monastery has become for us to take them off (come on my people), can you imagine that it is directed to a person!” .

Another blogger commented, “The time of al-Ruwaida, by God, the problem is with samples. If the expatriates are deported, there is no one who knows that a bulb will change them at home.”

Likewise, he criticized a song called “Salah” Hadith Al-Shuaibi, saying, “Come on, Al-Shuaibi demands that they expel the expatriates who are essentially one of the reasons for the rise of Kuwait, as what arrivals were the cause of the rise of most of the world without exception, because no country can satisfy its internal experiences, of course, with full respect.” The Kuwaiti people are among them.

The comments criticized the talk of Al-Shuaibi, which coincided with the case of “Reem Al-Shammari”, the Kuwaiti activist, who recently sparked widespread widespread dissatisfaction after the exciting statements against the Egyptian community in her country after describing them as “servants refusing their presence in Kuwait.”

Al-Shammari has preceded the artist, Hayat Al-Fahd, who attacked the expatriates, demanding that they be expelled from Kuwait in light of the Corona virus crisis, whose number of infections exceeded 26 thousand, most of whom were expatriates.

It has a population Kuwait About four million and 700 thousand people, in which the proportion of expatriates exceeds twice as many, and the Indian community is at the forefront of the largest number of arrivals, followed by the Egyptian community.



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