World After all, pandemic may not have started in December...

After all, pandemic may not have started in December or in Wuhan


AND if the pandemic of the new coronavirus has not started in the past month December nor in the Chinese city of Wuhan? More than a hypothesis, this is, at the moment, a plausible scenario for Peter Forster, geneticist from the University of Cambridge.

In an interview with the newspaper South China Morning Post, the researcher britIan warned that, contrary to what has been reported, it is likely that the Covid-19 has reached human beings in September.

“The virus can have itself mutated to its final efficient form in humans for months, but it has remained in a bat or other animal, or even human, for several months without infect any other individual, “he began by saying.

“Then he started to infect and spread to humans between 13 September and 7 of December, generating the network that we now present in the ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’, “he added.

As for the location exact in which pandemic ‘born’, Peter Forster warned that there is no definitive conclusion yet, but says he believes that “the original outbreak is more likely to have started in South China than in Wuhan“, city considered as the epicenter of SARSCoV-2.

“The evidence can only come from the analysis of more bats and other possible hosts, and tissue samples preserved in Chinese hospitals since September and December. This kind of project research would help us understand how the transmission occurred and prevent similar cases in the future “, he added.

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