Sport A team of more than 400 million euros that...

A team of more than 400 million euros that could be free today


LONDON – End of season, end of contracts. June 30 generally marks the end of a campaign in European football and represents the completion date of the different links between players and clubs.

However, as this is an atypical year in soccer, some contracts have been extended for a few more weeks due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on world football.

Next, we introduce you to a team of players who end their contract this Wednesday, such as Mario Götze and Edinson Cavani, or in a few weeks, with the end of all competitions, such as Thiago Silva and David Silva.

All the figures are from the Transfermarkt site, and the amount taken into consideration was the one that most involved the name of each footballer, either their market value or the value they moved in a transfer.

The cost of the team, with a formation of 4-3-3, reaches 452 million euros. The most expensive player is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who was sold from Inter Milan to Barcelona for 69.5 million euros in 2009.

Here is how the team would be formed:


Joe Hart: It was valued at 24 million euros in 2013


Nathaniel Clyne: It was valued at 21 million euros in 2017

Ezequiel Garay: Sold from Zenit to Valencia for 24 million euros in 2016

Thiago Silva: Sold from AC Milan to Paris Saint-Germain for 42 million euros in 2012

Jan Vertonghen: It was valued at 32 million euros in 2018


Lucas Biglia: It was valued at 20 million euros in 2017

David Silva: It came to be valued at 50 million euros in 2012

Mario Götze: It was valued at 55 million euros in 2014


Willian: It was valued at 50 million euros in 2018

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Sold from Inter Milan to Barcelona for 69.5 million euros in 2009

Edinson Cavani: Sold from Napoli to PSG for 64.5 million euros in 2013



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