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A sensual montage of his wife’s face: the image that sparked Kim Jong-un’s anger at South Korea


Kim Jong-un and Ri Sol Ju
Kim Jong-un and Ri Sol Ju

Pyongyang’s outrage with Seoul is fueled by the “dirty and insulting” lampoons against the wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, as stated by the Russian ambassador to North Korea while maintaining tension on the peninsula.

The North Korean regime has multiplied verbal attacks on Seoul in recent weeks, criticizing, above all, the propaganda sent by North Korean dissidents living in the South by means of balloons carried by the wind to the North.

This has led to mounting friction, but North Korea went one step further, and in mid-June destroyed the liaison office opened in September 2018, symbolizing détente on the peninsula, threatening to adopt military retaliation.

Lampoons sent on May 31 constitute “a particularly disgusting form of propaganda against the wife ”of the dictator, Ri Sol Ju, which caused the “serious indignation”From North Korea, he told TASS Russian Ambassador Alexandre Matsegora.

These representations were the “drop that filled the glass” for Pyongyang, he added.

Part of the propaganda sent to the North
Part of the propaganda sent to the North

Among the messages and images that activists against the communist dictatorship send to the North, there were also edited images of the North Korean first lady, as reported by the local press. Ri’s face would appear on the body of an erotic actress.

The issue is highly sensitive to Pyongyang, as an old rumor floated who claims that a former girlfriend of Kim Jong-un would have participated in a pornographic movie.

Possibly adulterated images with the face of Hyon Song-wol, former partner of Kim Jong-un
Possibly adulterated images with the face of Hyon Song-wol, former partner of Kim Jong-un

The pornographic genre is not to the liking of the Pyongyang dictatorship, loyal to rigid Soviet Stalinism and ultra-conservative Korean Confucianism as basic pillars of a political and social value system anchored in Cold War times. In fact, the production, sale and consumption of pornography are considered to be “anti-revolutionary activities”.

Inter-Korean relations deteriorated over the past year, following the fiasco of the second meeting between Kim and the President of the United States, Donald Trump, in February 2019 in Hanoi.

A balloon sent by South Korean activists to counter regime propaganda (Reuters)
A balloon sent by South Korean activists to counter regime propaganda (Reuters)

In the same interview, Alexandre Matsegora denied the rumors that Kim Yo-young, the sister of the North Korean leader, is a potential heir to the regime, since weeks ago it has become the pillar of the North Korean strategy of breaking with the neighbor to the South.

Despite her “solid experience in politics and foreign policy,” the young woman born in 1988 is “too young” and “there is no reason to talk about it,” she said.

No one dares to call themselves ‘number two’ in that country. There is only one ‘number one’ (…) I think that if I asked Comrade Kim Yo-jong if he considered himself “number two,” he would answer categorically no, “added the diplomat.

(With information from AFP)


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