World A coronavirus appeared in "Babiš's" company Vodňanská drůbež

A coronavirus appeared in “Babiš’s” company Vodňanská drůbež


His symptoms are mild. Nine people are now in quarantine. Hygienists in the Vodňany company, where 590 people work, tested 113 employees, and they have not yet had any results. Production is not limited.

The regional daily told the case today. “We confirm that covid-19 was proven at one foreign agency worker in the company Vodňanská drůbež. The lady has only mild symptoms of the disease. We proceed fully in cooperation with hygienists and follow their instructions, “said Karel Hanzelka, spokesman for the Agrofert holding.

He added that the hygienists tested the shift workers who were in contact with the infected person. The company is waiting for the test results. “No other workers are currently noticing the symptoms of the disease. Production was not limited in any way, “the spokesman added.

Hygienists performed an examination at the company on Monday. There were 113 subscriptions. “Only those who have been in close contact with the positive one are quarantined, that is nine people. The others have limited free movement, “said the epidemiologist of the regional hygiene station Jitka Luňáčková.

The company Vodňanská drůbež has 1,616 employees in the Czech Republic, of which 590 people work in the Vodňanská drůbež facility. According to the annual report, in 2018, Vodňanská drůbež had sales of CZK 5.42 billion and an operating profit of almost CZK 180 million.


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