Entertainment 365 DNI: Will the sequel be broadcast on Netflix?

365 DNI: Will the sequel be broadcast on Netflix?


Polish feature film 365 DAYS caused a sensation upon its release. Although it divided the canvas, the project still maintains a place in the Top France Netflix, for almost a month. Now that the actors have officially announced that a sequel is in preparation, can we expect to find it on the streaming platform? In view of the controversy recently generated by 365 DAYS, nothing is less certain: indeed, the sulphurous film 365 DAYS is currently the subject of a removal request on Netflix. The streaming giant will he yield to the claims of the refractory? Also remember that this is not a production signed Netflix, the platform has therefore bought the rights to offer the feature film to its subscribers. Will she delete it after paying for it?

Laura in 365 DNI
Laura in 365 DNI

Bonus, 365 DAYS is not the first film available on Netflix to react to the web. For example, when the first season of 13 Reasons Why, many fans were asking for the teen show to be removed. Instead, the platform decided to remove the most problematic scene from the series (the passage of Hannah Baker’s suicide in the bathtub). The streaming giant could therefore possibly do the same, by cutting some scenes deemed too obscene in the editing. Yes 365 DAYS should therefore indeed remain in the Netflix catalog, we can hope that the platform buys the rights to the film a few months after its broadcast in the cinema, in Poland. Given the success received, Netflix will certainly do everything possible to put online 365 DAYS 2 as quickly as possible ! Until we know more, we can wonder if the sex scenes will be more explicit in the rest of 365 DAYS.



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